Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2021 Download

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Corel VideoStudio Ultimate Download

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2021 Download

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate Features:

Features fueling your video editing software
Get the exact results you want with VideoStudio’s wide selection of innovative tools and features. Enjoy a feature-packed video editor that helps you create just about anything with ease!

Get creative with color
Color Correction. Correct and boost the color, brighten scenes, introduce accent colors, and give your projects a luminosity lift with intuitive controls. Bring out the colors with hue, saturation, and white balance controls, including auto-tune adjustments. Play with color to personalize your projects and make them feel one-of-a-kind.
ULTIMATE ONLYColor Grading. Only in Ultimate can you access complete color grading tools to set the mood of every scene. Easily shift colors, fine-tune your changes with a variety of video scopes and intuitive controls. Brighten landscapes, introduce accent colors, and augment ambience in every production.
LUT Profiles. LUT (look up table) profiles make it easy to turn day into night, recreate the color schemes of iconic movies, and instantly apply advanced cinematic color effects to your projects.

Instant slideshows and movies
  • NEW Instant Project Templates. Save time with newly added Instant Project Templates. Select a template, then drag and drop a video to replace the generic placeholder that auto-populates to the timeline, and you're ready for export.
  • Highlight Reel. Explore AI-powered facial recognition with Highlight Reel, a smart movie and slideshow creator that automatically selects your best shots and clips and bypasses those with imperfections.
  • FastFlick. Create slideshows and movies in minutes! Just select a template and add your media for a quick, easy slideshow.
Stop Motion Animation
Plug in your camera and create a stop motion animation! Leverage automatic capture settings, grid tools, and on-screen guides that make it easy to create smooth, controlled motions.

Fast and Slow-Motion Videos
Play with speed using Time Remapping tools to easily create a slow motion video, add high-speed effects, freeze the frame, or reverse and replay scenes.

360° editor to show your uniqueness from all angles:
  • 360° Video editing. Go full circle with a complete suite of 360° degree video editing tools to trim, enhance, add titles or music, and edit your 360° video on the timeline.
  • Tiny Planet and Rabbit Hole effects. Give your audience a fun perspective and transform your 360° footage with Tiny Planet or Rabbit Hole effects (spherical panoramas) using easy controls.
  • Convert Formats. Convert single or dual fisheye footage to equirectangular or spherical panorama. Even control the viewing angle and convert to standard flat video for playback on TVs and standard video players.
  • Export 360° Videos. Export your 360° video to view on your VR headset, 360 player, or upload directly to YouTube or Vimeo 360° to easily share with your audience!
And Much more!

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate Download

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2021 Download

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate Info:

What’s new in VideoStudio 2021?

Instant Project Templates
Save time and energy by re-creating popular video styles in minutes! Reproduce trending viral clips or easily edit eye-grabbing social media posts with new Instant Templates and add theme intros, turn portrait video into landscape, replicate marketing promo templates, and more. Unlock your creativity by combining ready-to-use templates and effects with your unique customizations and achieve incredible results!

AR Stickers
Add instant fun and flair to your next project with new AR Stickers to enhance emotions and introduce playful moments to your videos. These face tracking stickers are the perfect way to emphasize reactions, and add personality to gaming videos, reaction videos, and tutorials!

ULTIMATE ONLY More premium effects
Achieve remarkable creative transformations with optimized effect packs from NewBlueFX and more than 100 new VitaScene effects from proDAD. Go beyond basic editing with this expanded collection of exclusive premium effects from industry leaders!

ULTIMATE ONLY Enhanced video stabilization
Make real-time corrections to shaky hand-held footage more quickly and efficiently than ever with the enhanced proDAD Mercalli video stabilization tool. Turn wobbly handheld videos and bumpy action shots into usable footage with this quick fix!

Enhanced performance
Enjoy a faster, smoother editing process with major performance improvements across the product. VideoStudio 2021 is optimized for the latest video hardware acceleration technologies from Intel, AMD and nVidia, which dramatically improves previewing and speeds up rendering to popular file formats. Enhanced performance, improved rendering and our fastest interface responses to date make VideoStudio 2021 our best editor yet.

Improved tools & features
  • ENHANCED Split Screen editing
  • ENHANCED Customize Motion controls
  • NEW Auto Motion blur
Corel VideoStudio Ultimate Download

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate Additional Information:
System Requirements
Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, 64 bit only
Processor: Core i3 or AMD A4 series for standard videos. Intel Core i7 or AMD Athlon A10 for HD and UHD videos
RAM: 4 GB or higher, 8+ GB highly recommended for HD and UHD videos
Graphics Card: Minimum display resolution: 1024 x 768, minimum 512 MB VRAM or higher recommended for hardware acceleration
Sound Card: Windows-compatible sound card
Hard drive space: Minimum 10 GB for full installation
Internet connection required for installation, registration, and updates
Video: AVC, AVI, DV, HDV, HEVC2 (H.265), M2T, MOV3, MPEG-1/-2/-4, UIS, UISX, WebM, WMV, XAVC S, 3GP
Device: Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad/TV, Android devices, Sony PSP/PS3/PS4, Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox compatible formats, DV, HDV
Disc: DVD, AVCHD, SD Card, Blu-ray ($)
Web: YouTube, Vimeo
Audio: M4A, OGG, WAV, WMA
Image: BMP, JPG
Accessories: DVD burner required for creating DVD and AVCHD discs
Blu-Ray burning requires purchase of a separate plug-in from within the product
Supported Languages
English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Traditional Chinese, Japanese

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