TaxSlayer Pro Vita | Professional Tax Software For Tax Preparation -

TaxSlayer Pro Vita | Professional Tax Software For Tax Preparation

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TaxSlayer Pro Vita | Professional Tax Software For Tax Preparation -

In 1998, TaxSlayer.Com was created through an organization that presented conventional tax submitting offerings. Now with more than a hundred thirty personnel in its headquarters in Georgia, TaxSlayer is known as one of the maximum less expensive tax planning offerings. With hundreds of thousands of tax returns organized annually, TaxSlayer is also one of the most famous offerings. TaxSlayer Pro Vita Software Download

With innovation and an excellent enjoy being at the leading edge of TaxSlayer’s desires, the provider strives to give customers terrific software programs and technical support come tax season. Combined with its affordability, TaxSlayer is a solid desire for tax coaching.

TaxSlayer’s Filing Options, For the 2019 tax yr, TaxSlayer gives 4 online submitting alternatives: Simply Free, Classic, Premium, and Self-Employed. All options are well suited with distinctive gadgets, making it smooth to report on your computer or phone.

TaxSlayer lets in you to record bureaucracy in methods: Quick File or the traditional approach. Quick File is a great healthy for people with few bureaucracies and simple tax returns. You pick the essential forms and TaxSlayer mechanically directs you to them to fill out. The traditional approach is an extra guided experience and is healthy for the extra complicated price range.

TaxSlayer Pro Vita Software Download

Each plan also comes with TaxSlayer’s guarantees of 100% accuracy on your return and the maximum refund viable. If it makes any sort of mistake, the enterprise will refund you the filing value and reimburse you for any federal and country consequences or hobby costs.

Simply Free, The Simply Free option lets you record a federal and kingdom tax return at no price. (If you need to document multiple state returns, every past the primary will fee you $29.) However, this unfastened choice handiest applies to easy returns. That includes filers, either unmarried or married, and not using dependents and handiest with earnings mentioned on W-2 bureaucracy. You will want to upgrade to any other filing option to declare maximum deductions or credit.

If you want any assist throughout submitting, you have got access to unfastened e-mail and speak to help. But that is constrained to technical aid. Access to a tax expert calls for an upgrade to as a minimum the Premium choice.

TaxSlayer Pro Vita Software Download

Classic, The next (and most famous) option is the TaxSlayer Classic. Federal filing is $17 and each country return is $29. This plan covers all main bureaucracy as well as all deductions and credits. That makes it an awesome healthy for a massive variety of customers. If you've got dependents, this submitting option will work for you.

Along with the capability to import the preceding year’s return, you furthermore might have W-2 import to make the procedure even quicker. Like the Simply Free alternative, you have got unlimited technical aid over telephone and e-mail. You will nonetheless want to improve for getting entry to a tax expert.

Premium, In addition to priority electronic mail and speak to guide, Premium offers you technical support through a live chat. If you have tax questions, Premium also includes getting entry to to a tax expert. You’re capable of asking particular questions and you can typically assume a reaction inside one business day. Another excellent perk is 3 years of assistance in case of an IRS audit. All of this comes at a rate of $37 for federal filing and $29 in keeping with state return.

Self-Employed Option, TaxSlayer Self-Employed is for humans submitting Schedule C and people who have a 1099-MISC. This ought to consist of contractors, freelancers, small enterprise proprietors, and other self-employed filers. TaxSlayer Pro Vita Software Download

For a rate of $ forty-seven on federal submitting and $29 in keeping with state return, the Self-Employed alternative has all of the same features as the Premium alternative, plus a few more. Additional capabilities goal the varieties of filers stated above. For instance, TaxSlayer will offer you a “self-employed guide to taxes.” In addition to the technical and professional assistance that incorporates Premium, you have access to a professional who is aware of taxes associated with the self-hired.

Military Filing Option, TaxSlayer gives a discount for lively duty army personnel. Active responsibility navy can report their federal returns for free using the Classic submitting choice. State returns are the usual price of $29.

Return & Payment Options, You will pay your TaxSlayer education expenses with a debit card or credit card. You also can use your federal go back to cover the cost so that you don’t need to pay out-of-pocket. Before the refund is deposited into your financial institution account, the education fees might be subtracted from the refund.

The fastest way to get hold of your return is through direct deposit into a savings account or checking account. You can also get it as a take a look at, but it’ll take longer.

TaxSlayer Pro Vita | Professional Tax Software For Tax Preparation -

TaxSlayer Pro Vita Features:

  • Unlimited 1040 Program
  • Comprehensive Bank Product Solutions
  • TaxesToGo® Mobile App
  • Corporate Tax Software
  • Call for details
  • Cloud-Based Tax Software
  • Free Unlimited E-filing
  • All States Included
  • Unlimited Top-Rated Support
  • Refund Estimator Tool
  • Multiple User Access
  • Web Bank Integration
  • Cloud-Based Reporting
  • Client Retention Database
  • Paperless Office
  • Client Portal
  • Digital Signature Compatible
  • Tax Status Now
  • Compatible with Mac OS

How to apply for a PTIN:

You can apply for a PTIN online in about 15 minutes, or you can complete and mail in a paper Form W-12. Note: The processing time for paper applications is four to six weeks. There is no cost to apply for a PTIN.

Step 1 – Create your PTIN account
When you are ready to create your account, head to the IRS website, here.

Step 2 – Complete the online new PTIN application
You will be asked to provide the following information:

Social Security Number:
  • Personal information (name, mailing address, date of birth).
  • Business information (name, mailing address, telephone number).
  • Previous year’s individual tax return (name, address, filing status)
  • Explanations for any tax obligations or felony convictions (if applicable).
  • Any certification information (including certification number, jurisdiction of issuance, and expiration date) for all certifications you hold including CPA, attorney, enrolled agent, etc.
Step 3 – Get your PTIN
This completes the application process.

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TaxSlayer Pro Vita | Professional Tax Software For Tax Preparation -

TaxSlayer Pro Software includes:

  • The 1040-based program, Menus within TaxSlayer Pro guide you through the input of a tax return following the format of the 1040 form.​
  • Integrated bank products, A bank product is a solution that tax preparers can offer to their clients. They allow your clients to deduct your tax preparation fees directly from their refund.
  • Award-winning technical support​, Our team is ready to help you make this the best tax season yet. We put the customer first, which is seen with our technical support, designated first-year account manager, and customer growth team.​
  • Easy installation and setup​, Installation and configuration is a simple process and prior year information is carried forward easily and accurately.​

TaxSlayer Pro Vita Software Info:

Pro Web + Corporate: Our newest package allows you to file individual returns with either cloud-based or desktop-based software. Enjoy the flexibility of the web-based software and the ability to file LLC and corporate returns with the desktop-based software. Contact us for more information.

TaxSlayer Pro Vita | Professional Tax Software For Tax Preparation -

TaxSlayer Mobile App:

  • Grow your tax business with TaxesToGo®!
  • Our mobile app allows you to receive tax information from your clients wherever you are. Eliminate the need for them to wait in line at your office. Save time and retain more clients with TaxesToGo®.
  •  Convenient - Quickly receive all the information you need to file your clients’ returns. And customize the app with your company name and logo for easy recognition.
  •  Easy to Use - The app sends all info, like pictures, contact information, and other tax-related information directly to you so you don’t have to sift through stacks of forms.
  •  Secure - Securely receive your clients’ tax documents and personal information through our portal.

TaxSlayer Pro Software Link Download:
Why TaxSlayer Pro?

We understand that price, support, and ease of use are some of the most important features of a tax software. We have over 50 years of experience in the tax industry that has enabled us to create an innovative program we are confident you will find both easy to install and use. With TaxSlayer Pro, you will be preparing complete and accurate returns in minutes.

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